‘Tis the Season of Giving: Repair More, Serve More

Every mother needs to know her children have a safe place to call home. Ten years ago, following a divorce, Ms. Deidre, moved her three children back into her childhood home. Little by little, she renovated each room of the old house, with only the kitchen left to update. Then, during Hurricane Zeta in October 2020, an oak tree fell through the family’s house, separating Ms. Deidre from her children. “It was a nightmare,” she said. “It was dark. Because of the wind and rain, I couldn’t hear them, and they couldn’t hear me.” She shouted out a window to her children and breathed a sigh of relief when she heard their voices respond, “We’re OK.”

Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast works with homeowners to assess their housing need and willingness to partner. Completing much needed home repairs alleviates critical health and safety concerns for our neighbors. A repaired roof will keep a family secure, warm, and dry. A replaced floor joist will protect a family from injury. Such repairs will restore integrity so that families can enjoy their homes for years to come.

One year later, Ms. Deidre is still not living in a home of her own. For many families, like Ms. Deidre’s, access to funding for home repairs is scarce. We need your help meeting this need. Every gift makes a difference, provides stability for a family, and revitalizes a neighborhood in our community.

Our goal is to repair more and serve more this holiday season. Every parent knows the worry of keeping their family safe and secure. Your donation will help a mother, like Deidre, return her family to their own safe home. At Habitat, we build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. Please give today!