Where are They Now? Dorothy Nootbaar

By Debra Thomas

11-7-11MLK_AmeriCorp_State_GroupsmDorothy Nootbaar has made a complete circle. She came to HFHMGC from St. Louis and has made her way back there with a few stops in between. Dorothy served one term with us as a Pre-Construction Assistant from August 2008 to August 2009 but served an additional two years with Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Yakima and Spokane, Washington.

What do you remember as the best thing about work? Visiting with the various municipalities, hearing the stories.

About the Coast? There was a sense of peace on the Coast, seeing how people never gave up – they always put one foot in front of the other

In what way did the experience change you? I realized that it wasn’t about helping others but about being able to give myself to others and allowing them to be a part of me as well. I went down to help and left having been given a great gift – knowing that I was a PART of something much bigger. The people of the Gulf Coast gave me a sense of peace.

Would you recommend serving with HFHMGC? Yes.

Where are you now? St Louis, MO! (Hooray, Cards!)

What are you doing? Catching up with friends and family, eating St. Louis food and looking for just the right job!

Did HFHMGC &/or AC Vista help prepare you for your new job? As an older AC*VISTA volunteer I left a career in order to serve. But what service gave me was the ability to realize a lifelong goal. I will probably go back into higher education or non-profit development.

Do you see yourself volunteering in the future? In any particular field?
Absolutely – I have volunteered all my life. I would like to teach people how to read.

So far, it looks like AmeriCorps members are finding or validating a lifelong goal to serve. Dorothy is our third profile but we have more “blasts from the past” coming up. Next week, a more recent AC Member, Thomas Cooper is on deck.