Where are They Now? – Andrew Rosen

By Debra Thomas

3-11-12Andrew_RosenAndrew Rosen, an AmeriCorps Member during 2010-2011 came from the North Eastern US to serve with us as a construction crew leader.

What do you remember as the best thing about work?
Thinking about it, the supervisors. They were young and fun to be around. Also, the affiliate was well organized

How about the Coast?
The people were also so nice, hospital if need be and have wonderful personalities altogether. The weather was almost always beautiful and I loved being near the ocean.

In what way did the experience change you?
It was my first step in growing up. I learned what responsibility really was and what hard work really entailed. It was my first time being very far away from home and it helped me learn how to survive on my own.

Would you recommend serving with AC/Vista? HFHMGC?
YES! I am trying to convince my roommate to do a second year down there.

Where are you now?
At the Kansas City Habitat Affiliate as a construction crew leader.

Did HFHMGC &/or AC Vista help prepare you for your new job?
Yes, I learned the basics of building down there and although building is a little different here, it helped a lot. Different: They sheet walls before they are raised.

Do you see yourself volunteering in the future? In any particular field?
Yes; no particular field.

Is there anything you would like to add?
Can I come back? 

Andrew sent us a picture from the beginning of the year when he was working with us. The UWO team was his favorite group while working with our affiliate. I think Andrew is a big fan of Collegiate Challenge as well as AmeriCorps!

Thanks Andrew for sharing your story with us!