Wells Fargo lends Habitat for Humanity a helping hand


Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast wants to bring affordable homes to South Mississippi. It’s teaming up with Wells Fargo to achieve that mission.

The organization received a check for $110,000 from Wells Fargo on Wednesday. Habitat for Humanity says the check will be used to fund a 13-home subdivision currently being built.

“We actually just received a check from Wells Fargo for $110,000,” said Habitat’s Gulf Coast CEO Chris Monforton.

According to Monforton, the check is going towards a project in Pascagoula.

“That check is in support of the three homes we have started here at Fowler Fields, which is the 13-home subdivision,” Monforton said.

Wells Fargo didn’t just provide a check. Some of its employees lent a helping hand on the construction. 14 associates from Mississippi and Alabama dug in and got their hands dirty.

“Everything from taking shingles off a pallet and throwing them up on the roof to standing up there in the scorching heat and tapping in the siding. That’s what we were working on,” said Craig Hobbs, who works for Wells Fargo.

Volunteers said gratification for all of their hard work comes when the house is done and a family can move in.

“To see them have a dream come true and for them to have a home is powerful and very rewarding for us,” said Mike Ryan, another employee.

The Wells Fargo crew said the work they’re doing with Habitat for Humanity aligns with the bank’s mission.

“We do this kind of work in the banking world all the time for home financing, so it kind of hits home for us,” said Hobbs.

According to Monforton, if it wasn’t for lenders like Wells Fargo, Habitat for Humanity wouldn’t have the resources to build these homes.

“Without their financial support and physical support, this project and many others wouldn’t be possible,” Monforton said.

The project is part of an initiative to strengthen Coast communities following Hurricane Katrina. Each house takes about 12 weeks to build, and the first three houses in the subdivision should be complete just in time for the holidays.


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