The Experience/Testimonials

“I would like to thank you for this opportunity! Our staff thoroughly enjoyed being around your staff. With most of us being young, we appreciated all of the teaching they did, not just with the skills for building today, but tips for later on in life. We definitely will want to schedule a day again for the beginning of 2018.”  Jenifer Troung – Biloxi Shuckers

“I had an amazing time! I loved seeing all the progress that our group was able to make in just a few short days!” – Carli Kozik

“The friendly staff and the opportunity to learn how to use certain tools and essentially build a house.” – 

“Everyone we met in MS, affiliated with Habitat and otherwise, was warm and welcoming. We felt truly appreciated and very much enjoyed the work we did on the houses. Our entire group wanted to stay another week.” –

 “All the supervisors were great leaders. very patient and described all tasks in detail. My favorite part was knowing my little week of effort was part of something bigger by allowing a family a chance to own a home.” – 

“I loved the hospitality and friendliness of Habitat office staff and site supervisor!” – Steve McGovern

“The interaction was great with all including site coordinators, great group. Very rewarding to know we could help someone.” –   Joaquin Orozco

“Excellent, knowledgeable permanent staff, both the Construction and the Americorps folks. Everyone was spectacular and marvelously friendly.  I’ve been on worksites before throughout other Habitat chapters, and this was the best crew by far.” –

“Knowing that I was helping someone in our community to get a new house was so fulfilling. It gave me great joy to think that next Christmas there will be a family in that home celebrating Christmas, and I helped a little with it.” – 

“It’s amazing to think that once we are done someone is going to live in this house. The people here are so friendly.” Chelsea Isherwood

 “It was an amazing experience.” Cassandra Targett

 “The biggest thing I learned is that HOPE is still being delivered to the wonderful people of the MS Gulf Coast.” Jeff Mayfield

 “It’s really nice to put out so much energy and aeffort that you know is going to a good cause.” Mick Guzman, volunteer from Tropicana Chicago

“They are real houses. They are really giving people a chance to create a new future for themselves so it’s really impressive.” Jane Krakowski actress 30 Rock

“Yes, I’m 82 years old. My bones are getting a bit stiff, but it makes me feel great inside. I just love being able to make a difference.” 81 year old volunteer Matt Ruebl

 “Just to be able to give back some to a community that was so devastate by such a terrible event, it must makes you feel good inside to be able to help out and give back.” Major Morgan Barnes of the Air National Guard