→ Why Should I Volunteer?

Habitat for Humanity of the MS Gulf Coast’s mission is “Opportunity Transforms… Empower People”. We believe that many people just need the opportunity to transform their lives, and owning an affordable home is a great way to empower someone to do so. Being a homeowner not only transforms the life of the owner, but of their family, their neighborhood and their community. Your volunteer time is key for us to be able to do the work we do for our Gulf Coast.

Since 2007 Habitat for Humanity of the MS Gulf Coast has built or rehabbed almost 1000 homes.

→ What Will I Be Doing as a Volunteer?

HFHMGC primarily utilizes construction volunteers. Occasionally the need for an office volunteer occurs and there are typically specific requirements for that depending on the task needing to be completed. Generally, we have one construction project at a time for volunteers. The stage of our build dictates exactly what you will be doing as a volunteer.

→ How Do I Register to Volunteer With HFHMGC?

First you will need to contact us to reserve volunteer space. You can call us at 228-678-9110 or volunteer@hfhmgc.org. Upon confirming that space is available and tentatively reserving your spot(s), we will email you the link to your online registration. Each volunteer must register  and  complete a waiver before coming on site.

→ What Are The Age Requirements To Volunteer With HFHMGC?

You’re never too old to volunteer!  We can accept volunteers that are at least 16 years old, however there are some stipulations involved with minors (ages 16 and 17) looking to volunteer:

  • Minors need to be accompanied by an adult that is 21 years of age or older
  • Adult supervision is required at a ratio of 1 adult (21 or older) to 2 minors (16-17) on our construction sites.
  • Minors must have a signed waiver from their parent/guardian. (The waiver can be found here. Completed waivers must be returned to the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the scheduled volunteer date.)
  • 16 and 17 year olds are  limited in the work they are allowed to do on construction sites.
  • “Limited work” for minors is defined as:
    • Landscaping
    • Caulking and Painting
    • Clean-up
    • Any manual work where “feet are on the ground”
    • Other appropriate tasks assigned by the Construction Supervisor
  • Teens under the age of 18 are NOT allowed to:
    • Use power or electrical tools
    • Engage in demolition work
    • Use ladders or scaffolding
    • Get on the roof

→ Can I Volunteer With Little or No Experience?

Of course! No construction experience is needed to volunteer on the jobsite. We have highly trained Construction Supervisors and AmeriCorps members on site that are more than happy to help instruct and guide you. You need not feel required to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. Many of our volunteers leave the site having learned new things they can use once they get home.

→ When Do Volunteers Build?

Volunteers work on the jobsites Tuesday through Saturday. They begin their work day at 8:00 a.m. and work until about 4:00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break. Depending on available space, work needed and the stage of our build you can work anywhere from a half day (8a-12p) to a full week.

→ How many can I bring in a group?

Our sites usually allow for 5-10 volunteers during the week and 10 on Saturday. This is fully dependent on the work available, how many volunteer slots are taken, and the stage of our build.

→ What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Please understand that when we reserve your spot on site it is a firm commitment as we are setting aside this space for you and/or your group and we can’t take on other volunteers.  48 Hour cancellation notice is required to maintain good standing as a volunteer. Click here for our cancellation policy regarding payments.

→ What Can I Expect?

  • We work in Harrison, Jackson and Stone Counties.
  • We do not provide transportation.
  • Our workday begins promptly at 8am. You will meet with the Site Supervisor to discuss the day’s plan. You will break for lunch midday and return to work an hour later.
  • Water will be available on the jobsite in large jugs. Please bring a reusable water bottle. It is imperative for you to stay hydrated.
  • Lunch will not be provided. There are fast food places nearby or you are welcome to bring your lunch.
  • Please see here for full dress code guidelines.
  • Please see here for suggested packing list.
  • You will not be able to volunteer with us if you have not turned in a signed waiver.
  • All construction materials and tools will be provided including hard hats. You will not need to bring anything except a water receptacle.
  • You may want to bring sunscreen and bugspray with you.

→ Can I just walk on to a jobsite to help build?

All volunteers must arrange their volunteer day with the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the date they want to help build. All volunteers must register themselves and sign a waiver of liability (either electronically or on paper). You cannot walk on to a job site and volunteer without prior approval from the Volunteer Coordinator. If you have not set up your volunteer day, you will be asked to leave and make arrangements with the Volunteer Coordinator for a future date. We appreciate your abiding by this policy.