The Tools for Success

What does success mean to you? What tools does it take to get there?
Success means different things to different people. For many, becoming a homeowner is a large part of feeling successful.
Tamara and Erik purchased their Habitat home in 2010. Paying their mortgage off early this past June is a source of pride for them.
“It’s an amazing feeling because we have accomplished something that a lot of people will probably never do in their entire lives…  You leave a legacy for your children, that is something that’s worth a lot to pass on to your children it’s yours, something you own …a great accomplishment. ”
For Stacey and Joey, buying a home was a big upgrade for them. Having a home that is secure and safe is priceless. Not having to leave every time there’s a threat of a storm is a great feeling. When we asked Stacey what her favorite part of being a homeowner was she said, “Seeing my kids so happy to have their own space. Seeing them happy makes me happy.”
Mr. Moody moved from a less-than-ideal neighborhood into his Habitat home in 2009. He feels good knowing his son can play with his friends in the area safely. When we asked what his favorite part of his home was, he talked about how much his son loves to ride his bike and that Mr. Moody loves working on his Mustangs.
Kaleigh is a school teacher in Jackson County. She was looking to buy a cute  home because she was tired of paying rent when she could be investing in a home. She came across Habitat and fell in love with her house. When asked what her favorite part is she said “Coming home and relaxing on my porch with my dog.”

Success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But a safe, affordable home is something everyone wants, and deserves, to have. We provide the opportunity for strength, stability and self-reliance. You can help provide the tools to success for Habitat homeowners on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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