Mortgage Financing

Our goal is to help each buyer put together an affordable financing package that will meet his or her needs, with a priority placed on helping the buyer to secure affordable mortgage financing from third party lenders. Buyers who can qualify to affordably finance some or all of their purchase price through conventional means are required to do so.

Buyers may use any lender of their choosing so long as the loan product meets a few key criteria:

  • The interest rate must be fixed
  • The loan term may not exceed thirty years
  • The estimated monthly payment must not exceed 33% of the borrower’s gross monthly income.

Those who cannot qualify to fully finance their home purchase with third party financing may apply for financing from HFHMGC. Applicants will be required to demonstrate that an adequate third party alternative was not available and that they meet current underwriting criteria for our in-house loan product.

If you think you might want to buy a house from HFHMGC but don’t think (or aren’t sure) you can qualify for mortgage, don’t be discouraged! Check out our Homeownership Incubator and Financial Foundations programs to see how we can help.

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