Meet Our Edgers – Alain Harpin

1. What is your past involvement with Habitat for Humanity?
Business and personal donor for Habitat and ReStore

2. On any other Saturday, what would you be doing?
Shopping, Yard work, hanging out with the family and working. Real Estate never stops and Saturdays aren’t an exception. 

3. Have you engaged in adventurous activities in the past?
Dirt bike racing, open water swimming, tri-athlete

4. Who are your supporters & cheering section? Who encouraged you to participate in Hang Out with Habitat?
Friends, family, co-workers and our golden retrievers. 

5. Why did you want to participate in this event? What drove you to rappel?
Give back to the community and their mission speaks to my passion. Housing is key to helping communities thrive. 

6. If you had a super power, what would you want it to be and why?
Leap tall buildings in a single bound because I love the thrill!

7. Are there other adventures you want to pursue? Is this on your bucket list? What other things are on your list?
Travel the USA, advocate sailor.

8. Where do you work? What do you do? If retired, what did you do?
Southern Way Realty Owner/Broker – Real Estate brokerage for residential and commercial, retail investment management, property management and renovation management. 

9. What are your hobbies and activities outside of work?
Sporting events, concerts, beach activities, going out to eat and to the movies, cooking for my family

10. Any other interesting facts you want to add, note them here.
Graduate of  Johnson and Wales, RI, originally from New Englad