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My name is Hannah Livingston, I’m 23 years old, and I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, just outside of Portland, Oregon. When I graduated High School I decided to delay College and spend a year as an AmeriCorps National Civilian Corps member; that year was life- changing.   That experience inspired me to accept an AmeriCorps Crew Leader position with Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast the following year.

Making the decision as a nineteen year-old to move to a completely new place, without knowing a single person, to take a job that was completely new and  outside my comfort zone is still one of the scariest but best decisions I’ve made.  I’ve been forever changed by my year in Mississippi.  The life-long  skills I gained, the new-found confidence, and the absolutely  amazing people I met had an incredible impact on my life.  The homeowners, volunteers, habitat staff,  locals, and all of the hundreds of people  I encountered while working with Habitat impacted my life in more ways than I could count. My journey with Habitat continued for over two years as I spent a third year as an AmeriCorps  with the Kauai Habitat For Humanity as a  construction site leader.

I am now back in Oregon, working through my second year as a full-time student.  I’m working on my EMT certification and majoring in Health and Nutrition.  My experience with Habitat For Humanity has left in me a desire to continue to be involved in the ongoing struggle to create affordable housing. This desire has lead to my ambitious summer plans to be a part of Bike And Build. Bike And Build partners with Habitat For Humanity and other Affordable housing Organizations to raise money and awareness for the housing crisis that is impacting this country.  I’ll be part of a team of thirty people who will be biking over 4,000 mile across the country from New Hampshire to Vancouver, BC.  Each team member is responsible for raising at least $4,500 before the trip starts. As a college student this is financially daunting, and will push me to my physical limits.  However, I know that the challenges I do face up ahead, from the financial aspect of raising money,  to training, buying gear, taking time off work, and pedaling thousands of miles, is not one that I will face alone. Through the support of my friends, family, teammates, and anyone else who would like to take part in raising awareness and helping to end the housing crisis, this insane, exciting, crazy adventure, can become a reality. Thank you so much for any contribution you can give to join me in completing this endeavor.  I absolutely could not do this alone!


To donate, and be a part of creating affordable housing click on my rider profile:

For more information on Bike and Build check out their website:

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, or would like more information

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  1. You’re awesome! Even though I had a short amount of time with you. Your crazy motivated personality makes me miss you and look forward to the adventures we talked about. Love you!

  2. AHH, thanks Virginia!! Missing you too, and we’ll definitely have to start making some of our adventures together happen!

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