Green Building Update


HFHMGC is currently completing construction on a home in Pascagoula that is registered with LEED for Homes, a third-party program that certifies a home is highly energy efficient and durable. The 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom Hazelnut plan features advanced design criteria to meet energy efficient and sustainable building practices.

Here are some of the design features in the home:

• Recycling program on site during construction
• Spray Foam Insulation in the floor, walls, and attic cavity to create a highly insulated home
• A long-lasting metal roof made partly of recycled material
• Low water usage plumbing fixtures
• A highly efficient Heating & Cooling System (16 SEER Heat Pump)
• Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to ensure that fresh air is brought into and circulated through the home
• Bamboo flooring to provide a beautiful, durable finish
• Advanced framing techniques to minimize framing members, leaving more room for insulation
• Rain gardens designed to capture, filter, and absorb stormwater
• Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heater (3 times more efficient than today’s standard hot water heater)

Shortly after the home is completely finished, a licensed energy rater will inspect the home. He’ll make sure all of the durability measures have been completed properly and verify the strategies for which points are being claimed. He’ll perform a blower door test, which measures how much air leaks in and out of the home. It will take a few weeks for paperwork to process, and then HFHMGC hopes to receive LEED Silver certification.