Fundraising, Prizes and Donations Policy

Hang Out with Habitat 2018
Fundraising, Prizes & Donations Policy

All donations made to, for and in the name of Habitat for Humanity of the MS Gulf Coast are non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-negotiable.

Funds designated to a specific fundraiser will be applied to that fundraiser’s goal and will not be moved to another fundraiser’s account nor given back to either the fundraiser or the donor. One fundraiser cannot give another fundraiser monies already received by HFHMGC including, but not limited to, electronic transfer, credit/debit transaction, cash or check.

Once funds have been designated to a specific fundraiser’s account they will remain on that fundraiser’s account.

If a fundraiser decides to stop pursuing the goal then funds that have already been received by HFHMGC will not be moved, transferred, refunded or otherwise shifted.

All fundraisers that are using the peer-to-peer fundraising website officially being used for the event (run by HFHMGC) must have one person per page. Pages cannot be combined and fundraisers cannot use one account to raise funds for more than one fundraiser. Funds will not be moved amongst peer-to-peer fundraising pages.

Any fundraiser that uses a peer-to-peer fundraising website other than the official Hang Out with Habitat 2018 page managed by HFHMGC will be responsible for any fees accrued.  The fundraiser has full responsibility for withdrawing the funds and turning the funds in to HFHMGC by the deadline(s) indicated.  The fundraiser will be credited for the actual amount turned in to HFHMGC and will not be credited according to what their peer to peer fundraising page reflects.

The fundraiser will be responsible for turning in the signed credit card guarantee signed by the credit card guarantee deadline and for the full minimum to be turned in to HFHMGC no later than the credit card guarantee deadline.

If a fundraiser fails to meet their goal and are, therefore, exempt from the event, the funds received by HFHMGC will not be refunded, transferred or moved.

For the purpose of the contests and incentives run by HFHMGC, the definition of a “donor” is one who makes a donation and provides accurate first and last name, email address and/or mailing address. Contact info must be complete and up to date to qualify for any contest.

Fundraisers are not eligible to win all/both grand prizes. If a fundraiser does qualify to win all/both grand prizes the fundraiser will be awarded the prize package with the higher value. The remaining prize package(s) will be awarded to the next eligible fundraiser.

Prizes and Incentive Levels are non-transferrable, non-negotiable and final.


$1,000 Minimum required to rappel

$1,500 Rappel with GoPro mounted to your helmet and receive a copy of the video footage

$2,000 One (1) night stay at the IP Casino Resort Spa (some restrictions may apply)

Staff, family of staff and board members are not eligible for prizes outside of earned incentive levels.

GoPro Rules

  • GoPro level incentive 2 requires you to raise $1,500. Credits, matching funds and pledges do not qualify for counting towards an Edger’s $1,500 goal.
  • GoPros will be used on site attached to the over the edge helmet and is not to be taken, moved or removed by anyone other than HFHMGC staff/volunteer or Over the Edge staff.
  • Personal GoPro cameras are not allowed to be used by Edgers during their rappel process. Only GoPro cameras provided by HFHMGC will be used during the rappel process.
  • Edgers taking advantage of an earned GoPro incentive may have their time slot adjusted according to availability for GoPro cameras.
  • You must attain the GoPro level 48 hours before the rappel date in order to receive the GoPro incentive. You can either raise $1,500 or commit to raising $1,500 via the Credit Card Guarantee. We cannot assure you will receive the GoPro incentive if you reach said level later than 48 hours prior to the rappel day.

All sponsorship levels must adhere to the laid out sponsorship packages.

Unauthorized use of the HFHMGC logo, OTE logo, Hang Out with Habitat logo, and claims for such sponsorships and incentives is not supported and can impair the actual qualification for said incentives and sponsorship benefits.