Class Offerings

Below is a list of our course offerings and descriptions. Check out our upcoming class schedule to see what is coming up next! Want us to bring one of our courses to your group at your location? Call today to find out how!

Power Hour: Spending Planning 101 – Spending Planning 101 is an interactive one hour course designed to encourage participants to take control of their money by examining their motivations, habits, and attitudes surrounding their personal finances. The purpose of the course is to assist participants in identifying and setting SMART personal financial goals, developing realistic spending plans, and choosing the tracking methods to best suit their family’s lifestyle. The course is fun, inter-active, and informative. Participants should bring or have access to a bank statement or spending trends for at least 30 days as well as a list of income and recurring expenses.

Financial Foundations – Designed as an interactive two hour course that addresses attendee’s emotional relationship with money and calls them to take immediate action to improve their financial futures. The course will highlight the importance of building savings, developing a spending plan, and reducing debt. Attendees will have access to free one on one coaching for encouragement and support in applying each of the foundations.

Financial Recovery – Designed to bring hope to families struggling to recover from a financial setback, this course will equip participants with proactive, practical strategies for getting back on their feet. The objective is to help participants visualize a brighter future and realize that their current financial difficulties don’t have to be permanent.

The Benefits of Banking – A great course for those with little experience using banks; this course introduces the basics of opening and maintaining checking and savings accounts. The course addresses the hidden traps of check cashing and payday loans as well as introducing participants to the wide range of free websites available to help better manage their finances in order to reach goals.

Saving for Security – Designed for those who want to start saving, but aren’t sure where to start, this course reviews the dangers of spending all we make and the powerful benefits of “paying yourself first.” The course will also review the true cost of goods purchased with credit and how carrying large amounts of consumer debt endangers financial security.

The Credit Game: How to Play & Win – Designed for anyone who would like to better understand the many ways their credit score can affect their future and learn strategies to take control of that future today, this course reviews the four main components that impact credit, what creditors look for making credit decisions, finding and correcting errors on a credit report, and strategies to improve credit.

Legacy Planning:  Just as life happens so does death. In order to make sure all your final wishes are carried out you need to have a will, a healthcare directive, and many other estate documents in order. This course will be taught by a local attorney and will inform attendees of what happens if someone does not plan properly. Each attendee will also have the opportunity to meet with the attorney one on one to prepare and discuss their estate plans at no charge.

Prepare Plan Protect Insuring Your Future:  A great course designed to help participants assess current and future insurance needs. Whether it is homeowners, rental, life, or auto insurance options can be overwhelming! A few smart moves can get you the coverage you need, save you hundreds of dollars each year, and reduce a lot of stress in the wake of a tragic life event. We will even look at your existing policies and see where you may be able to find some extra bucks!

We also offer a complete financial education curriculum for ages 15-25 – For those who want to take full control of their financial future, we’re introducing a new curriculum designed specifically for the young, fabulous, and fiscally responsible!

Courses include:

Bank on it and Check it out! – Banking services can be quite confusing and overwhelming. This course is designed to help navigate the maze of banking options, products and services available. It addresses how to open a bank account, balance and reconcile a check register, and provides tips on how to match bank products to lifestyles and needs. The course also covers how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Borrowing Basics – Borrowing basics is designed to define credit and explain its importance. It also discusses the appropriate use of credit. The course will cover how to identify what form of credit best suits your needs and warns of the dangers of rent-to-own purchases and refund anticipation services. An excellent course for someone who is new to banking and credit use.

Pay Yourself First – A great course designed for those branching out on their own financially who aren’t sure where or how to start saving! This course reviews the dangers of not tracking your spending and provides tips and tools on savings and investment products designed to help you maximize and reap the full benefit of paying yourself first.

College, Cars & Credit Cards – College, Cars and Credit Cards is designed to help young adults and parents navigate the financial road into adulthood. The purpose of this course is to make sure young adults and their families are equipped with the knowledge necessary to secure a bright financial future. Anyone who is looking to become more financially informed when thinking about paying for college, purchasing their first car, and utilizing credit cards would benefit from the information found in this course!