Estate Planning

Homeownership is a big deal! If you have never considered the legacy you plan to leave for your family now would be the perfect time. Having a will in place ensures your wishes will be carried out just as you would want them when you pass away. Not having a will in place makes could mean all the things you value can end up tied up in lengthy legal battles between family members, or even worse, your property can become property of the state or revert back to the lender who holds the lien.

Speaking with an attorney to discuss your wishes when you pass away or are rendered unable to speak for yourself is necessary for anyone who holds assets. Your home is an asset. Mercy Housing and Human Development will be offering FREE Estate Planning Workshop on Monday, February 17th at 5:30 p.m.  The workshop will be held at their office on 1135 Ford Street Gulfport. If you are interested in attending please contact Ms. Larisa Milner at 228-896-1945 to register to attend. Registration is required.

Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to schedule a future meeting with area attorneys who have agreed to help craft wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare proxies.