Edger’s Terms and Conditions

Hang Out with Habitat 2018
Edger’s Terms and Conditions

Edgers must weigh between 100-300 pounds and be at least 18 years old.

Edgers must register and pay the registration fee. The registration fee will go towards the Edger’s goal.

Edgers must raise (or sign a credit card guarantee form securing) $1,000 by September 7th in order to be able to rappel on October 13th.

No refunds or transfers will be processed on any funds raised by the Edger.

Edgers must use Habitat’s official peer to peer fundraising site. Habitat will create a page for you under their page. If you do not allow Habitat to create the page and you create your own page any fees accrued by you will be your responsibility.

Edgers are responsible for understanding all policies, terms and conditions for the 2018 Hang Out with Habitat event posted at https://hfhmgc.com/blog/hang-out-with-habitat/otepolicies/ .

Edgers must have their funds raised or a credit card guarantee form signed in order to guarantee their rappel spot.

Edgers must have raised the funds or signed their credit card guarantee form in order to qualify for the desired incentive level. Matching funds, pledges and other ‘promises’ will not qualify an Edger for an incentive level.

Edgers understand the rappel spot that is scheduled is a target time for them to rappel. Outstanding circumstances such as weather, technical issues and delays in schedule can require the Edger’s scheduled time to be adjusted. HFHMGC will do the best to their ability to communicate said adjustments with Edgers and to stick to the schedule as close as possible.
Additionally, Habitat cannot guarantee that two Edgers will rappel simultaneously.

Use of HFHMGC’s logo, Hang Out with Habitat logo, Over the Edge logo and other trademarks are prohibited without strict permission.