Incentives and Sponsorships

There are many opportunities for more than just rappelling down the side of the Imperial Palace Casino Resort & Spa.

Are you an Edger? Don’t stop once you raise your $1,000!
You can get bonus incentives for reaching higher goals!

$1,000 Minimum required to rappel

$1,500 Rappel with GoPro mounted to your helmet and receive a copy of the video footage

$2,000 Earn a free night’s stay at the IP Casino Resort & Spa

$2,500 Receive a personalized video of your rappel

Most donations – Prize To Be Determined

Most donors – Prize To Be Determined [please see definition for ‘donor’ on our policies here]


You can refer to all of our Policies, Terms and Conditions regarding incentives, sponsorships and other elements of our Hang out with Habitat 2017 event here