ySeVvyVR_aedL-khzceP7uX9wcny6pMyiS5_TjyvEBULeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a voluntary certification program developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) which promotes sustainable building practices in all types of construction projects.  The LEED rating systems establish a benchmark for high performance, energy efficient and sustainable buildings and provide a framework to evaluate and verify a building’s performance.  HFHMGC is a national member of the USGBC and participates in educational seminars to keep abreast of the ever-increasing standards of sustainable building practices. HFHMGC has a staff member who holds the LEED AP for Homes designation.

The LEED for Homes program is a voluntary certification program that verifies that a home has been designed and built to high durability, sustainability, and efficiency standards.  The LEED for Homes program mirrors some of the very basic goals of HFHMGC:

  • UhQ0-OVJzxk4KOM9RLmPgmRl3eg--MNpWADEsGTE5QUPromote affordable, durable, efficient housing.
  • Reduce impact of construction on the environment.
  • Reward smart design and construction methods.
  • Conserve materials and resources.
  • Consider long-term durability of home.
  • Build homes with healthy, clean air.
  • Verify new homes are highly energy efficient.