How We Build

We Build GREEN Homes. 

We believe in sustainable housing. It reduces the environmental impact of building and is more affordable.

What has HFHMGC learned from participating in the LEED program?  Building “greener” houses isn’t complicated.  By making the commitment to build more efficient housing, HFHMGC has learned that spending a little bit of extra money up-front is quickly recouped by our homeowners through lower utility bills and fewer home maintenance issues.

Features incorporated in some of our sustainable homes include:

  • A conveniently located property within walking or bicycling distance of neighborhood schools, stores, parks, and churches to minimize the need for driving
  • Hardwood flooring throughout living and sleeping areas
  • A long-lasting metal roof made partly of recycled material
  • Fiber cement trim and siding
  • Spray Foam Insulation in the floor, walls and attic cavity to create a highly insulated home
  • A highly efficient Heating & Cooling System (16 SEER Heat Pump)
  • Energy Star rated Appliances and Light Fixtures using Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water usage
  • Advanced framing techniques to minimize framing members, leaving more room for insulation
  • Utilizing best practices for recycling and material waste management onsite

What does this mean for our future homeowners?  The finished product is 40-50% more energy efficient than homes built to standard building codes, meaning lower electric and water bills for homeowners.  Energy experts have estimated that the average energy bill for one of our houses is approximately $75 per month.  More durable materials, like hardwood floors, provide beautiful resilient flooring that is also easy to clean and refinish.  Hardwearing finish materials such as metal roofing and fiber cement siding mean long-lasting home exteriors that require less maintenance.