Hang out with Habitat Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers for our May 21st Hang out with Habitat event!

Click here for the full flyer!

Examples of some of the duties we need Volunteers for, include, but are not limited to:

Staging Area Volunteers
• Duties
o Assigned to assist Edgers
o Ask each participant to check their pockets and provide a safe place for these valuables to be stored until after the event
o Valuables and drop items collection (keys, wallets, watches, cell phones, etc)

• Duties
o Assigned to lead participants’ group at the registration area
o Guide participants to next stage of event
o One person can stay with group until they reach the roof or be assigned to different sections, i.e. registration to staging, staging to training, training to roof

Landing Zone
• Duties
o Meet rappellers at ground exclusion zone to escort back to Staging to remove gear
o It is important to make sure that participants do not spend too much time celebrating and socializing with family before they return to staging. Often the staging manager is waiting for gear to be returned for the next group to depart

Roof Top Security
• Duties
o High level volunteer to be stationed at the last access point to the roof to ensure that only waiver volunteers and participants can access the roof.
o It is very important for this person be assertive and confident in stopping anyone trying to gain access to the roof that should not be there.

Roof Top Radio Person
• Duties
o Volunteer stationed on the roof to radio down to announcer who is rappelling, when they go over and what rope they are on
o Organize participants away from the edge and ensure there is an order to who is next in line
o Communicate with the Announcer/MC who is going over and who is on deck